• Deema's shop, 99 Bug Balloons is a reference to the song "99 Red Balloons" by German artist, Nena.
  • The story segment in this episode is the second time the characters acted as bugs.
    • The first time was in The Spring Chicken Is Coming! where Oona was a ladybug and Goby was a bee.
    • The expression "ants in your pants" is used for people who are so excited that they can't keep still, but in the story segment, the phrase is taken literally when the Queen Ant (Deema) orders her troops to crawl up the Anteater's pants.
    • The crown that Deema wore in the story segment was the same one that she wore in the song "Here She Is" from A Tooth on the Looth!
  • The instrumental from I Want a Pet Today played during the start of the parade.
    • A similar instrumental that was previously used for "Everybody March" and was later used for "The Dog Dance", also played in the score when the butterfly balloon appears.
  • On two occasions, nonny shows interest in ants, so ants must be his favorite insect.
  • When Deema was making an insect balloon for Nonny, he got scared a little bit.
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