Bubble Puppy!/Quotes
Snapshot 21 (27-05-2012 18-25)
Goby and His Beloved Dragon Puppy

  • Goby: Ah, yes, my royal adviser!
  • Deema: What can I do for you, Excellency?
  • Goby: I want a pet, a pet dragon!
  • Deema: Hello, dangerous!

  • Deema*very excited* Hello customer person!

  • Deema*fake voice* Guess what I am.
  • Mr. Grouper : A chimpanzee?
  • DeemaNoooo

  • Nonny : *In story, uses creepy tone* Beware the Gorilla-Gator...

  • Nonny: I have a chihuahua.
  • Deema: Good for you! ...What is it?
  • Nonny: A chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world, and is named after the state in Mexico.
  • Deema: Of course it is!