• This is a 1 hour special and takes 2 parts of previews for the whole episode.
  • Strangely enough, though Molly and Gil's characters in the fairytale are based on Jack and Jill, they retain their actual names.
    • This is probably to avoid confusion between both Jack's from Jack and Jill and Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • For the first time, Mr. Grouper reads the title card.
  • In the opening segment, all 6 Guppies appear in it for the first time. And Nonny says: "It's time for Bubble Guppies!" instead of Molly or Gil.
  • Just like with Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!, the show's title screen is made into the style of a fairytale book cover.
  • A Ben 10 omnitrix sound can be briefly heard while Gil drops the egg in the potion.
  • This is the Bubble Guppies 2nd special.
  • Molly and Gil hug twice in this special.
  • The evil Witch is voiced by special guest star Wanda Sykes, a stand-up comedian and former late night talk show host. This is the first episode to feature a special guest.
  • Before the rocket containing the frog bubble formula is launched, the Witch sings "It's time for Launch!" a parody of the "It's time for Lunch!" song heard in most episodes.
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