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Bubble Puppy is mostly white. His right ear is white with two orange spots, and his left ear is completely orange. He has two small black eyes with two small eyebrows above them, and he has a big black nose. He has a pink tongue. He also wears a green collar with a gold-and-orange striped fish shaped tag. His right eye has a big orange spot around it, and he also has an orange guppy-like tail. 

Season 1

Season 1.jpeg

Bubble Puppy's left ear and fin are a deep shade of orange. The big spot on his right ear is a nice round circle.

Season 2

Season 2.png

Bubble Puppy's left ear and fin are a tangerine shade instead of orange shade in this season. There also isn't a shimmer on his nose like there was before. His paws look a little longer, and his arms are skinnier than before. The big spot on his right ear looks like a raindrop. It changed a little from season 1.

Season 3

Season 3.png

Bubble Puppy looks a little smaller in season 3. Also there is a little orange in his left ear, and fin this year. His collar isn't very visible, and it looks smaller. The small spot on his ear looks also looks smaller than the previous seasons.

Season 4