Call an Ambulance!
Snapshot 12 (25-05-2012 23-08)

Gil: Hello, Molly! I am a skeleton!

Molly: Hi, Skeleton.

Gil: You're not scared?

Molly: Not really. Skeletons aren't scary, they're just bones. We all have bones just like that inside of us.

(She brings an X-Ray. She lights it up and it shows her bones.)

Gil: What-what's that?!?

Molly: My skeleton.

Gil: Skeleton?!?

Molly: Uh-huh. My bones. (holds the X-Ray that shows her skull.) Hello, Gilly!

(Gil screams at the skull, then at the skeleton and swims away.)

Gorilla: Gorillas don't eat people.

Nonny: (offscreen) That's what I said!

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