Call a Cambulance!
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  • This is Avi's first appearance in the series. He later appears in the Season 3 episode, Get Ready For School!.
  • Some cable or satellite providers title this "Pilot".
  • The song titled A Bunch Of Bones was used in many commercials advertising the show's first premiere.
    • This would probably explain why A Bunch of Bones is one of the most well-noted songs from the series.
  • Chronologically, this is not the first episode of the series as Bubble Puppy appears in this one but was formally introduced in Bubble Puppy! .
  • When Avi hits a rock with his tricycle, he doesn't fall off right away, and just sits there for a second before falling. Some say Avi could be faking his own injury, but the x-rays showed that he most certainly fractured his tail. The pause may have been there for humor.
  • For some unknown reasons, Noggin did not air this episode until Memorial Day 2013.
  • The independent syndicated version episode entitled: "Sick Days", recycles the sick animals segment from this episode.
  • This episode was the basis of Jeopardy! question: "This episode of Bubble Guppies, depicts a young blue fish who suffers an injury."
  • NCIS stars Mark Harmon, Cote de Pablo, & Pauley Perrette told the creators this episode was their favorite of the whole series.
  • Some cast and crew information here
  • This marks the only time Gil does the lunch joke until The New Guppy!
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