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Bubble Guppies is an American preschool children's television series produced for Nickelodeon and created by Jonny Belt and Robert Scull. All episodes follow a similar format. The episode starts with an introduction by Molly, saying "Hi, it's me, Molly, and it's time for-" only to be stopped by Gil performing an act related to the episode's subject. One of the two then states "It's time for Bubble Guppies!", and the theme song plays. Then the littlefish come and tell the episodes name to the viewers. Afterwards, one or two of the six guppies walks to school, and gets sidetrackedby something or someone. Those people happen to be doing something that relates to the topic that they are about to learn. After that, the school day begins and the Bubble Guppies say "Good morning, Mr. Grouper!". Later, the remaining Guppies tells Mr. Grouper about what happened earlier. He states "Let's think about it," and the characters discuss the topic. A pop song performance follows, focusing on the episode's main topic. 

One of the Guppies will go to a shop that mostly focuses on the topic and they will ask questions about what he or she needs. They incorporate lots of learning into their shopping skits and they ask the viewers questions. Later, Mr. Grouper comes into the shop and says it's time for lunch, and the "Lunchtime" song plays. At lunch time three of the six guppies eat lunch together. One of them makes a food joke about it that relates to the main topic. For example: Molly gets pizza and a banana, Oona gets a sandwich and a cookie, and Deema gets a sandwich and an ice cream "sun"-dae in "The Moon Rocks!". After lunch, another Gil and Molly sketch is shown.

The Guppies do something fun which can determine another important character and leads Mr. Grouper talking more about the topic, which leads into a dancing song; though the order of the songs varies from episode to episode. Mr. Grouper then says it's time to go outside, the "Outside" song plays, and the Guppies act out a story about the topic. After this, Gil and Molly do another sketch.

The Guppies go on a field trip that focuses on the topic where it sometimes focuses on a problem shown in the beginning and involves the important characters and might determine another one, and the show concludes with the last Gil and Molly sketch and a reprise of the theme song, before cutting to the credits which includes a pop song played earlier in that episode.

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