Check it Out!
Check it ou!

  • During the pop song, some of the books the Guppies read reference other episodes.
  • During the pop song, Nonny and Molly are seen doing the robot dance.
  • Music from The Spring Chicken Is Coming and The Lonely Rhino was used.
  • The dance song is the first one since The Legend of Pinkfoot that Gil sung.
  • Though Molly is shown at the beginning of the episode walking to school, Gil is actually the main character of this episode.
  • One lesson this episode forgot to teach is being using soft voices in the library, strangely enough.
  • For the first time in this season, Molly is in the lunch segment.
    • However, this is not the first time that she makes the lunch joke.
      It's still done by Nonny.
  • The colors of everyone's lunchboxes in the lunch segment changed.
  • Before, it was thought Molly was the only literate Guppy. Now, however, during each sketch, Gil was able to read to the Little Fish (before becoming the comedian of the joke).
  • The baby animal books Oona picked out in the story segment may be foreshadowing events in Season 3:
    • One of the books was about baby elephants. In Season 3, there is an episode centered around elephants, including a baby one.
    • The other book was about dolphins. The episode A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend! centered around dolphins.
  • When Gil searches for his library card in the first book, the score that plays sounds similar to the theme from Mission Impossible.
  • The voice Chris Phillips used for the dinosaur in the last book is similar to the voice he used for Face, one of Nick Jr.'s previous mascots.

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