Nonny without glasses

Nonny without his glasses on.

  • This is the first (and possibly only) episode that Nonny is seen without glasses.
  • Nonny's lack of sportiness is seen again is this episode when he smashes himself in the face with a ball.
  • The music Nonny was listening to before Molly and Oona checked on him was a instrumental version of The Conductor's Dance.
  • This the 3rd time that Molly and Gil did the storybook together. The first time was in "A Tooth on the Looth" and 2nd was in "Get ready for school".
  • This is the third time in season 3 where Gil, Nonny, and Deema do the dance song. The first time was in "The Super Ballet Bowl". The second time was in "The Oyster Bunny".
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