Construction Psyched!
El someyhing

  • Though "Build Me a Building" was an episode in which we learn about building things from construction, this episode focuses on construction vehicles.
  • Goby , alongside Gil , and for the first time in Season 2, is a main character.
  • Music from Bubble Bites and We Totally Rock were used.
  • The storybook segment seems to reference The Flintstones because of Nonny and Oona using dinosaurs to build a swimming pool.
  • The beginning of the episode is similar to  Can You Dig It. In this case, Goby forgot his dump truck toy at the construction site so the Guppies go back for it, whereas in Can You Dig It, Nonny tells everybody he found a "dinosaur bone" and they go back to where the "bone" was found.
  • After Goby realizes he forgot his dump truck toy, Deema breaks the fourth wall by telling the audience. "He (Goby) forgot his dump truck."
  • This was also the first episode in season 2 where Molly narrates the storybook segment.
  • In the UK version, the title was altered to: "Building Psyched!"
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