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Season 1
The ResturantWe're Gonna FlyFishketball!A Bunch of BonesA Bunch of Bones (Reprise)A Color Just RightBasketball DanceBoy Meets Squirrel!Bubble Bites!Bubble Puppy!BubblecityBuild Me A Building (Song)Build Me a Building!Call a Clambulance!Camping Out, Camping OutsideCan You Dig It?Can You Roar It?Choose the Right BallDeema's Produce PartyDucks in a Row!Everybody MarchGet AroundGonna Rock ItGrumpy FishGup, Gup and Away!Happy Clam Day!Happy Clam Day DanceHaunted House Party!Have a Cow!He Found ItHear That Engine RoarI Want A Pet to LoveIf you Wanna be an ActorIt's a Beautiful DayLong Time AgoMail, mail, Send me a letterMail DanceMake A PizzaMilk the CowOrbitOur Great PlayPinkfoot Song (Reprise)Recycle DanceShopping DanceSpooky!Spring Chicken DanceSun, Beautiful SunSuper, Super, SupermarketSuper Shrimptennial Celebration!The Band Plays OnThe Crayon Prix!The Farmer's SongThe Grumpfish Special!The Halloween DanceThe Legend of Pinkfoot!The Moon Rocks!The Pet RapThe Spring Chicken is Coming!We're Gonna Fly (Reprise)We Totally Rock!We Totally Rock! (Song)Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?
Season 2
Brave,Brave KnightsA Tooth on the Looth!AbracadbraAnd I Would FlyAt the BeachAt the ZooBig Warm Friendly SmileBrush Those Teeth!Bubble-Cadabra!Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure!Check it Out!Check it Out! (Song)Circus, CircusCircus DanceConstruction Psyched!Cowgirl/Cowboy DanceCrocodile SnapFirefighter DanceFirefighter Gil to the Rescue!Flap Those WingsHands on The WheelHappy Holidays Mr. Grumpfish!Here She Is!Humunga-Truck!I Wanna Be a Cowgirl/CowboyIs There A Job I Can Do For YouJust Doin' Their JobKangaroo JumpNobody NosePush that Dirt AwaySir Nonny The Nice!The Beach Ball!The Cowgirl Parade!The Lonely Rhino!Train Dance SongTrucks are ToughTrucks are Tough (Reprise)Turn the PageUse that ShieldX Marks the Spot!X Marks the Spot ( song )
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