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In Deema's early appearance, she is seen wearing pink, has pink earrings on, and her hair is yellow instead of golden.


Deema's prototype appearance

  • Deema's Season 1 appearance compared to season 2 was very different. Her hair seemed Play-dough sort of effect. In Season 2 her tail or "fins" are much longer or larger than season 1. This could lead to ageing.

Season 2 Animation

  • Deema had a new animation.
  • Otb 8
    Deema has her hair is more curly, high dimensional, and is golden-orange rather than the usual yellow.
  • Deema's singing voice is different.
  • Deema's eye color is sky-blue.

Season 3 Appearance

Although it seems like Season Three hasn't changed Deema, it turns out that an actress named Grace Kauffman has replaced Angelina Wahler, who had played Deema in the first two seasons. This makes Deema one of the five guppies who have new actors or actresses. First appeared: Get Ready For School!


Season 4 Appearance

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