Fast Food Resturant
Nonny in c
Owned by Deema and Nonny

Deema and Nonny's Fast food restaurant was the shop sketch in the episode: The Grumpfish Special!

Characters' Present


Deema runs a fast-food restaurant with Nonny when Molly comes in to ask for a "Banana-nana Fofana". Goby wants a "Strawberry spectacular". Nonny then asks the viewers for help trying to figure out how many pieces of fruit that are each order that needs to make sure the requested treats turn out right.



  • There seems to be another dish on the menu, but it is unknown what it's called as it was never ordered. It seems to be made of kiwi slices.
  • It's a parody of fast food restaurants (such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc.)
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