Ducks in a Row!
Snapshot 3 (28-05-2012 18-02)


  • During the shop segment, Deema gives Gil a nickname, named "Drummer Boy", which she calls him twice.
  • During the lunchtime song, Nonny is in the front behind Goby and Molly, but then he appears behind Goby and Molly just before the lunchtime song ends.
  • Nonny's right hand changes positions on his lunchbox, twice between shots.
  • In the final scene, Gil's hat disappears, then Deema's sunglasses, then at the end of the episode, both Gil's hat and Deema's sunglasses reappear.
  • Deema asking Nonny if he saw any of the band members playing a piano could be a take on the show Animaniac's segment Good Idea, Bad Idea. In one of them, the Good Idea was playing a piccolo while the Bad Idea was playing a piano which was too heavy and crushed the character playing it while marching.
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