Fruits and Veggies!
Fruits and Veggies

  • The Guppies each wear a shirt with a fruit or vegetable:
    • Molly wears an eggplant shirt.
    • Gil wears a strawberry shirt.
    • Goby wears a carrot shirt.
    • Deema wears a pineapple shirt.
    • Oona wears a broccoli shirt.
    • Nonny wears a watermelon shirt.
  • At a couple of points, Deema wears her fruit hat from the shop segment in Bubble Bites!.
  • The produce stand and crate near the end of the song hold apples, lemons and carrots, yet Gil is holding an orange.
  • Deema seems to be cautious around green vegetables, as she reacts to broccoli and artichokes in a similar way.
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