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Get Ready!
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Get Ready For School!

Get Ready! is the pop song from the episode: Get Ready For School!. It was written by Chip Whitewood and Elizabeth Ashley Saunig. It is mostly sung by Molly.

In the song, Molly tells the viewers about what they will experience on their first day of school.

Characters Appearing


Molly, Gil, and Oona [Cheering]: Get! Get! Get ready!

what's up with the cheerleading?

Molly: Wake up, put on your clothes,

You have to get to school on time!

You're gonna meet lots of new friends today.

All: Whoa, whoa!

Molly: Walk into your classroom, Say "Good morning" when you arrive,

Then find the cubby with your name.

All: Whoa, whoa!

Don't be scared, it's OK,

The teacher will show you the way!

one two three!

All: Get ready to read! Get ready to count!

Get ready to learn, what school is all about!

It's gonna be good, it's gonna be great!

So you better get ready,

outside the school bus

Don't be late!

Get ready to sing your ABC's. Get ready to count,

1! 2! 3!

All: It's gonna be great, it's gonna be cool, so you better get ready...

Get ready for school!

Oona and Avi

Oona, Deema, and Gil [Cheering]:

Get! Get! Get ready!

Molly: So many things to learn,

Who, where, how, and why.

Hop on the school bus,

Say "Hi!"

All: Whoa, whoa!

Molly: Take a rest on your mat,

Then get up and have a snack!

All: Get ready to read! Get Ready to count!

Get ready to learn, what school is all about!

Did you stick out your middle finger?

It's gonna be good, It's gonna be great!

So you better get ready,

Don't be late!

Get ready to sing your ABC's.

Get Ready to count,

1! 2! 3!

It's gonna be great, It's gonna be cool,

So you better get ready...

Get ready for school!

Key Signature

E Major



Bubble Guppies "Get Ready for School"-1

American English Version


Bubble Guppies Vem para a escola em Português

Portuguese Brazilian Version


Bubble Guppies UK Get Ready for School (Pop Song)

British Version

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