Gil's References
Cute gil

  • Gil has had the most appearances as a main character (followed by Molly).
  • Gil is the only guppy who appears in every pop song.
  • Gil is the only one out of the guppies who screams (though Molly has screamed a couple of times).
  • Gil is often the target of the jokes in his and Molly's sketches, usually being chased away by an animal or the Little Fish and sometimes is gullible for doing anything else. Gil just has bad luck (sometimes).
  • Gil's favorite color is purple.
  • Gil may have feelings for Molly.
  • Gil's lunch box is the same color pattern on his tail, but it is blue instead of green.
  • Gil has done a lunch joke, he has done two lunch jokes so far. He has done one in Call a Clambulance! and The New Guppy!
  • Gil is the only guppy with a one-syllable name (despite the two-syllable name Molly calls him, "Gilly").
  • Gil is ticklish.
  • Gil (along with Molly and Bubble Puppy) is often used to represent the show on merchandise and other things.
  • Gil is named after the gills of a fish.
  • In Super Shrimptennial Celebration, during one of the sketches Molly is the target instead of Gil.
  • In Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!, it is revealed that he loves cookies.
  • It is revealed in Happy Clam Day! that Gil is afraid of bees, however this is never addressed again and he was apparently not afraid of bees in the episode, "Bring on the Bugs".
  • In The Grumpfish Special!, Gil was the only one who wasn't wearing a chef's outfit. He was however, wearing one during the pop song in Super Shrimptennial Celebration
  • Gil's favorite book is "Secret Agent Stories" in Check It Out!.
  • Gil's US voice actor, Zachary Gordon, is the star of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie, as Greg Heffley.
  • For some reason, Gil's name is "Phil" in the European French Dub .
  • His voice in the UK dub is Hayden Hunter who would later voice Chase from PAW Patrol in said dub, but Hunter makes Chase sound older.
  • In A Tooth on the Looth! it is revealed that Gil's toothbrush is purple.
  • In Check It Out!, it is revealed that Gil carries a toy car and a crayon in his backpack.
  • in Season 1, in Bubble Puppy!, Gil adopts a puppy of the same name.
  • Whenever something happens to Bubble Puppy, Gil would become worrisome, due to the fact that Bubble Puppy is Gil's pet.
  • Gil's favorite ocean animal is a stingray, as seen in The New Guppy.
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