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Season 1
The Band Plays OnHappy Clam DayGil AvatarsOur Great PlayRandom Bubble Guppies PicturesPet DanceSuper Shrimptennial Celebration!City DanceA Color Just RightBubble Puppy!The Crayon Prix!Sun, Beautiful SunSuper, Super, SupermarketCamping Out, Camping OutsideChoose the Right BallA Bunch Of BonesRoar!A Bunch of Bones (Reprise)Boy Meets Squirrel!Bubble Bites!BubblecityBuild Me A Building! (Song)Build Me a Building!Call a Clambulance!Can You Dig It?Ducks in a Row!Earth, Beautiful EarthFarmer's SongFishketball!Gup, Gup and Away!Happy Clam Day!Haunted House Party!He Found ItI Need to RockI Want a Pet TodayIt's a Beautiful DayLong Time AgoMilk that CowOrbitResturantRock and RollThe Grumpfish Special!The Legend of Pinkfoot!The Moon Rocks!We're Gonna FlyWe Totally Rock!We Totally Rock (Reprise)What Colors MeanWhat Else Have you Got in Your Backpack?Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?
Season 2
A Tooth on the Looth!The Cowgirl Parade!Bubble-Cadabra!Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure!Check it Out!Construction Psyched!Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!Humunga-Truck!Only the Sphinx Nose!Sir Nonny The Nice!The Beach Ball!The Lonely Rhino!Triple-Train-Track RaceX Marks the Spot!Bubble Duckies
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