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Goby's pilot appearance

In the early Bubble Guppies development...
Up to the sign
  • Goby's hair was slightly afro like, and it was dark blue, not indigo.
  • His limbs were longer
  • Goby's head was larger.Goby's skin was darker
  • His tail was thinner.

Season 2

  • Hair darker
    Bare cute

    Season 2 Goby

  • Skin darker
  • Tail thicker
  • Eyes are closer together
  • Nose sticks out

Season 3

Goby is one of the five guppies whose voice has changed. This is because he is played by Marleik Mar Mar Walker, instead of Jelani Imani, who played him in the first two seasons.

Season 4

His voice changed from Marleik Mar Mar Walker to Issac Ryan Brown.

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