• Unlike most regular length episodes, this episode follows a different formula:
    • It cuts straight to the preschool after the title card. (like in "Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairy Tale!" from season 2, and "The New Guppy!" from season 5.)
    • Everyone is focus on rather than one or two characters.
    • The pop song is shown towards the end rather than beginning.
    • Instead of having a new lunch joke, the one from the The Grumpfish Special! is recycled.
    • The Outside song only plays as an instrumental.
    • There is no dance song featured.
  • This episode has many references to Season 1 episodes:
  • This is the first/last episode to reuse songs from previous episodes.
    • The older songs were in standard definition. To fit the wide screen format, they were shown with wavy backgrounds to fill the rest of the screen.
    • The frame rate in the songs were slower than they were during their original airings - felt more like it was rendered in 2's, much like the old VeggieTales videos switching from smooth to slow.
  • Mr. Grumpfish was reading a book about dinosaurs while the guppies were coloring and then when they were outside, he asked Nonny more about dinosaurs.
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