Guppy Movers!
That's a messy room

  • After Deema drops the doll house during the shop segment, the toy fridge changes direction when the view changes to a close up of the house.
  • When everyone is called to go outside, Bubble Puppy falls back to sleep.
  • When Oona and Nonny go to buy windows in the story segment, lots of interesting things can be seen at Deema's store, including:
    • The outfits of Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty from the Flintstones.
    • A Rubik's cube.
    • A hula dancer.
    • A globe (with most of it covered in ice).
    • A record player.
  • A picture of Skip holding a trophy can be seen in his bedroom.
  • Nonny smiles when everyone surprises Gil at the end of the episode.
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