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"Guppy Style! (Part 1)"
Guppy Style Title.png
Season: Season 4
Episode Number: 11 (Airing order) (In order of production)
Airing Information
Air Date: April 29, 2016
Written by: Jonny Belt
Robert Scull
Clark Stubbs
Main Character: Stylee and Molly
"Bubble Baby!"
"Guppy Style! (Part 2)"

Guppy Style! is the eleventh episode of Season 4. It's a special one hour movie event.

Characters Featured


The Guppies hit the road to see a concert by Stylee, a singing sensation known for her fabulous styles; Molly becomes a pop star to step on stage with Stylee.


Molly starts to introduce herself as Gil walks into the scene in a cowboy outfit saying "Country style!" and then he walks away. Molly then tries to say "It's time for Bubble Guppies!" but then Gil comes back wearing a baseball cap backwards, dribbling a basketball and saying "Sporty style!" and then he walks away again. Molly tries again, but Gil comes back wearing a fishing hat and sunglasses saying "Beach style!" and walks away a third time. Molly swims away too without him noticing. He comes back in a rock-and-roll outfit and a guitar saying "It's time for rock and roll style!" only to find Molly not there. She comes back wearing Stylee's outfit saying "It's time for Stylee style!". Gil, confused, questions her, but then Stylee walks up behind him, singing her name out loud, scaring him. Then Molly and Stylee say "It's time for Bubble Guppies!" while Gil smiles and laughs.

After the Theme Song, Molly and Gil greet the viewers and swim off to school. They then hear music and see a bus drive by. Molly, amazed, tells Gil the bus has pictures of Stylee on it. Gil asks "Who?" and Molly replies with "Stylee!" and pulls Gil towards where the bus stopped. She wondered if she was in there, puzzling Gil again. She explains Stylee is famous for all her styles, especially her hair styles, puzzling Gil yet again. Nonny suddenly pops out from behind a rock behind them, explaining a hairstyle is how they like their hair to look like, and disappears behind the rock again after doing a little paparazzi work. Stylee's manager Max comes out of the bus, asking for directions. Gil isn't very sure of the directions himself and Molly notices Bubble Puppy enter the bus after picking up a strange smell he wanted to investigate. Stylee comes out, having been startled by Bubble Puppy, asking if he was their puppy. They said yes, and Bubble Puppy rejoins Gil. Molly is astonished to see her idol and accidentally calls herself 'Gil' and calls Gil 'Molly'. Then she realizes what she said and corrected herself. Stylee praises Molly's hairstyle and comments she likes Gil's cowlick. Gil was confused, so Stylee explains a cowlick is just a bit of hair that always sticks up. She then walks up to Max asking if they were lost again. Max disagrees but then admits they are lost. Stylee warns him she has to be in Big Bubble City that night for her concert, before talking to Molly and Gil again about how she's undecided yet on what her new style will be that she'll debut at the concert. Bubble Puppy then points out a sign showing which way to Big Bubble City. As thanks, Max gives Molly tickets for Stylee's concert that night in Big Bubble City. Suddenly, a group of Stylee fans spotted them and quickly ran towards the bus. Max decided it was time to go and hops back in the driver's seat and starts the engine, so Stylee says goodbye to Gil and Molly and leaves with Max in the bus, hoping to see them in Big Bubble City that night as the bus drives off with the Stylee fans chasing after it.

Molly and Gil head to school and tell their friends they met Stylee, and everyone in the class was shocked. When Molly and Gil show the tickets Max gave them for Stylee's concert, showing there's enough for everyone, the kids all ask Mister Grouper if they can go to the concert. Mister Grouper is unsure, but when Nonny checks his watch and says if they leave now, they can make it, it's time for a road trip. Molly takes a moment to break the fourth wall with asking the viewers at home if they want to come as well before she and Bubble Puppy catch up to the others, cueing a promo for Stylee's concert. While on the way, Deema and the rest of the Guppies all sing a brief version of Big Bubble City from Super Shrimptennial Celebration. And they talk about styles and how they make you feel like you. Molly is unsure of what her style is, but the other Guppies offer to help her find it. When Stylee's song, Rock Your Style!, comes on the radio, the Guppies sing it.

As they enter the desert and see several cows grazing in the fields, Nonny points out to Mister Grouper that his engine is venting steam. Mister Grouper pulls over to inspect it, and he and Nonny find it has overheated. Luckily, when Gil is chased by a bull when it noticed his cowlick, Dusty and her horse Rusty arrive to help, and Rusty and the bull tow Mister Grouper's car to a service station. On the way, Goby likes Dusty's style, and asks what is it. Dusty says: "Well, country style, of course". And the Guppies and Dusty sing about Dusty's Country Style. Gil asks Molly if Country Style is her style, Molly says she does like Country Style a lot, but she says "No". It's not her style. But Goby said that country style is his favorite. And Dusty gives Goby a cowboy hat to wear to the concert. And Goby says: "Yee-haw", and thanks Dusty. Once there, the snail mechanic apologizes to Mister Grouper as it would take a few days for a new engine to be delivered and installed in Mister Grouper's car. Luckily for the class, the Kickball Team stops by the service station and offers them a lift to Big Bubble Bay to catch a ferry to Big Bubble City on their bus. On the way, following another promo for Stylee's concert, Gil and Oona admires one of the crab kids wearing a cool baseball cap, and Oona says that she likes to wear baseball caps. She asks Mr. Grouper what kind of style is it when you wear sports stuff, and Mr. Grouper thinks that would be called sporty style. Oona and Gil both say: "Yeah! Sporty Style"! And they both give a high five. After that, the Guppies start singing and rapping about Sporty Style.

After the song, we see that Oona and Gil are both wearing baseball jerseys and baseball caps, but Gil is wearing his baseball cap backwards. While they're cheering, Oona and Gil are both pumping up their fists in the air. Gil and Oona tell Molly that maybe Sporty Style is her style. Molly says that she thinks Sporty Style is pretty cool, but she thinks Sporty Style is not her style either. Oona asks Mr. Grouper what if Molly doesn't find a style. Mr. Grouper says to Oona that he has a feeling Molly will soon. They soon arrive at Big Bubble Bay, and the Kickball Team drops them off to catch the ferry before they continue on their own way, wishing the class to have fun at the Stylee concert. Afterwards, Nonny asks Mister Grouper what time it is, and with a momentary pause by Molly asking if they have time for it, once Mister Grouper says they have time for it, it's Lunchtime.

Continued in Part 2.


Pop Song: Rock Your Style!

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