The guppies are coloring Halloween pictures

Molly: Look at my jack-o-lantern Mr. Grouper.

Mr. Grouper: Ooh.

Deema: And look at my monster motel. Pretty spooky, eh?

Oona: Don't get scared...

Mr. Grouper: Me? Scared? It's gonna take more than that to scare me.

Nonny, dressed as a vampire, appears behind Mr. Grouper.

Gil: What about that vampire?

Mr. Grouper: What vampire?

Deema (whispering): The one right behind you.

Mr. Grouper cautiously looks behind him and sees Nonny as a vampire.

Nonny: Bleh!

Mr. Grouper: OHH! VAMPIRE!

Gil (nervously): A gh-gh-gh-gh-ghost!!

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