This article contains a list of jokes used during lunchtime scenes in the Bubble Guppies television series.



Now for the list of phrases said by the Guppies when they receive the lunches.

  1. A Hambulance on rye?
  2. I got a pita wrap and a box of... Crayonberry juice!
  3. A Hot Dog?
  4. A Hammer and Cheese Sandwich?
  5. It's a Tuba Fish Sandwich?
  6. 3 Chicken Suprise!
  7. I got a sandwich too, and for dessert, I got... an Ice Cream Sun-dae?
  8. I got 3 Little Figs!
  9. Microphonie and Cheese?
  10. Spaghetti and Baseballs?
  11. I got... A sleeping bag of chips?
  12. Plane
  13. I got a spring roll
  14. I got Macaroni and..... Trees?
  15. Cheese and Tractors?
  16. I got, Horn on a Cob!
  17. A stamp-wich
  18. A banana saurus?
  19. I got a can of... jumping beans? Hey, Come back here jumping beans!
  20. It's a sand......witch?
  21. Maparoni and Cheese?
  22. I got Spaghetti and... Snowballs
  23. I got....... Macarhino and Cheese?
  24. Lassoroni and Cheese?
  25. I got a Hamburger with....Emergen-cheese?
  26. I got Macaroni and....Teeth?
  27. I got....... ("I have" in the UK) Truckaroni and Cheese?
  28. I got a chicken sandwich, and... Li-berry juice?
  29. I got spaghetti and... Beach Balls?
  30. I got...... Duck Pie! (Others: Duck Pie?) Yeah. Duck! Pie...
  31. I got a sandwich, and... Crane berry juice?
  32. TBA
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