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Season 1
I Want a Pet To LoveA Bunch of BonesSuper, Super, SupermarketChoose the Right BallA Bunch of Bones (Reprise)Boy Meets Squirrel!A Color Just RighBubble Bites!Bubble Puppy!Build Me a Building!Call a Clambulance!Camping Out, Camping OutsideCan You Roar It?Do the Check-UpDucks in a Row!Everybody MarchGet AroundGup, Gup and Away!Happy Clam Day!Happy Clam Day DanceHaunted House Party!Have a Cow!He Found ItIt's a Beautiful DayMr. TreeRecycle DanceShopping DanceSun, Beautiful SunSuper Shrimptennial Celebration!The Crayon Prix!The Farmer SongThe Grumpfish Special!The Legend of Pinkfoot!The Moon Rocks!The Spring Chicken is Coming!We're Gonna FlyWe're Gonna Fly (Reprise)We Totally Rock!We Totally Rock! (Song)Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?Our Great PlayMail, Mail Send me a LetterMake a Pizza
Season 2
The Sizzling Scampinis!A Tooth on the Looth!Abra-CadabraAt The BeachBig Warm Friendly SmileBubble-Cadabra!Bubble DuckiesBubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure!Check it Out!Circus, CircusConstruction Psyched!Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!Humunga-Truck!Is There A Job I Can Do For YouLook For The Firetruck!Once Upon a TimeOnly the Sphinx Nose!Sir Nonny The nice!The Beach Ball!The Cowgirl Parade!The Lonely Rhino!Tonight is a HolidayTriple Train TracksTrucks Are ToughX Marks The SpotX Marks the Spot!
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