Molly's References

  • Molly has sung the most Pop Songs (followed by Gil).
  • In the first 2 seasons, her microphone had the same pattern as her tail. In season 3, however, it was replaced by a yellow one. The reason for this is still unknown.
  • In The Crayon Prix! she stated that her favorite color is blue, but according to Nick Jr's Bubble Guppies Collector Cards , it says her favorite color is pink, like Oona.
    • Also according to the collector cards, her favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich with a tangerine.
  • Molly has never done a lunch joke, she has only been involved in some of the segments.
  • Molly may have feelings for Gil.
  • Molly has only narrated four adventure segements in the episodes Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf?, Boy Meets Squirrel, Construction Psyched!, and Swimtastic Check-Up!.
  • In The Beach Ball!, Molly was hiding in a clam shell while Gil was singing in the pop song. This would be a reference that in fictional times, mermaids mostly hide in clam shells.
  • Molly (along with Gil's name, Gilly) is the only Guppy with a common English name.
    • Her name is also a type of fish that is similar to guppy fish.
  • Her voice in the UK dub is Abriella Bierer who would later voice Katie from PAW Patrol in said dub.
  • Molly (along with Gil and Bubble Puppy) is often used to represent the show on merchandise and other things.
  • Molly is the only character to call Gil, "Gilly" and she calls him that a lot.
  • Molly is left handed in writing.
  • Molly has good leadership skills, like in Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!, she showed her leadership by telling the other Guppies what to do to create a gingerbread house for Mr. Grumpfish.
  • In Season 3, Molly's voice actress, Brianna Gentilella, is one of the very few voice actors left from the original cast.
  • In Season 4, in Bubble Baby!, Molly becomes big sister to Mia.