Ohn son

Oona: Come on, you guys! We're playing Ancient Egypt!

Molly: Come on!


Oona: Is that a river?

Goby: Yeah! It's the Nile!

Molly: Watch out for that crocodile, Goby

Goby: A what? Oh no! It's the Nile crocodile AHH! Look out! Crocodile don't eat us!!


Mr. Grouper: I am the Sphinx! Has anybody seen my nose?

Gil: I'll find it for you O' Sphinx! Come on, let's go inside the pyramid!

Gil: Hieroglyphics are cool.

Deema: I think they're terrific! (singing) Hieroglyphics are terrific! Hieroglyphics are terrific!

(Oona joins in)

Deema and Oona (singing): Hieroglyphics are terrific! Hieroglyphics are terrific!

Nonny: Here's a list of things we need.

Deema: Uh, these are pictures.

Nonny: Uh-huh. In Ancient Egypt, they used to write with pictures.

Deema: Really. Ok, um, yeah, mm-hmm, yep, yep. I have no idea what this says.

Archaeologist: This is what the inside of a pyramid looked like.

Guppies: Wow.

Molly: Are those tunnels?

Archaeologist: Yeah. There are lots of tunnels that lead to chambers deep inside the pyramid.

Deema (to Nonny): Ahem!

Nonny: A chamber is a room.

Gil: What's that?

Goby: I think that's the outside.

Nonny: (nervously) Uh, excuse me. I think we should hold on again.

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