Only the Sphinx Nose!
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  • The dance song sounds just like the bulldozer and magic dance
  • In the song, Deema sang the song instead of Gil. But in the bulldozer song, Gil sang. Deema and Molly were dancing
  • When the archeologist referenced chambers, Deema clears her throat to Nonny and Nonny realizes what he's supposed to do and then tells the viewers what chambers are. This is the first time someone acknowledges Nonny's gag of simplifying more complicated words.
  • In the shop segment, Nonny wears the sun hat he wore in The Beach Ball!
  • When Mr. Grouper took the torch during the museum field trip, the hook that held it on the wall disappeared.
  • Even though the guppies did find the Sphinx's nose, in reality, it's still missing and nobody knows (or nose) exactly what happened.
  • This is the first time that have something to do with stomachs growling.
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