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Early Appearance

In Oona's early appearance, Oona had a red tail with pink stars on it. Just like after Season 1, she was a bit more chubby then the other guppies.

Season 1


In the early Bubble Guppies development, Oona's head shape was an oval rather than a circle. All of the guppies had similar shaped heads. Goby's was slightly bigger than the rest, while Oona's head was the thinnest. Her hair was shorter in length then in later designs. Also, unlike in the other designs, she was as thin as the other guppies.

Season 2

Oona sizzle

Oona's eyes in Season 2 are more almond shaped, her body is thicker but the tail is thinner than Season 1. The bottom of Oona's tail is thinner than it is in Season 1, but around her stomach area, her body is thick, probably due to animations they used. Plus her one-piece tail and her hair is lighter than season 1 along with her skin.

Season 3

Season 3 hasn't really changed Oona's appearance, but her hair is more lavendar now, her tail now ha
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s more of a light rose pink and Medium lavendar stripes on it. Oona's hair is a little longer and thicker, and curlier. The starfish in her hair is lighter pink and larger. Her tail's stripes are thicker and wavier. Her hair is a little messier, or more "loose.".


It was recently noted that an actress named Tori Feinstein has replaced Reyna Shaskan for Oona's voice in season 3. This is why Oona's voice is much higher and she sounds more like a real preschooler, or young(er) child.

Season 4

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