This month, we'll be focusing on our favorite purple pig-tailed preschooler!

Join in on the fun by switching to a Oona avatar and by posting any Oona-related things you have to share below!

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The Character Questionnaire!

Let's think about Oona! Copy, paste, and answer these questions in this month's talkback thread:

1.What was your first impression of Oona?

2. Now that you know Oona better, what do you like about her?

3. What place does Oona rank in you list of favorite Bubble Guppies characters?

4. What's your favorite Oona moment, quote, or episode?

5. What’s your favorite song or one of your favorite songs that Oona has sung or been a part of?

6. What would you like to see Oona do in a future episode?

7. Which outfit(s) of Oona's do you like the most?

8. Do you own any Oona merchandise? If you don’t, what type would you like to own or would like to be created?

9. Which character do you think will be featured next month and why? (If the answer has already been shared with you, please do not answer this question.)

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