• In this episode, it is revealed that Bubble Puppy doesn't like the rain. He also got a bit scared when the thunder rumbled.
  • Due to the thunderstorm, this is the first episode that had the adventure segment inside.
  • Molly and Gil walk to school in this episode.
  • This is the first episode not to show the guppies going to the playground due to the thunderstorm.
  • The giant from the story segment might be partly inspired by Mario from Super Mario Bros
  • Although they walked there in the rain, Molly and Gil aren't wet when they get to school.
  • Once again, Deema has the shop segment with Oona as the customer.
  • Molly and Goby share the adventure segment.
  • Deema has the Pop Dance with Nonny and Oona on backup.
  • Nonny sings during the Dance Song. This is an EXTREMELY rare moment.
  • When Bubble Puppy runs to move the umbrella blocking the drain, Molly and Gil get up from the bench as if they're leaving. When Gil spots Bubble Puppy, they're sat back down again.
  • It is impossible to rain in the ocean.
  • This is the first episode since Party at Sea! where Tino Insana voiced Mr Grouper.
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