Nonny: Vet is short for Veterinarian, which is a doctor for animals.

Deema: Animals have doctors?

Mr.Grouper: Yup! Just like people!

Mr. Grouper: The vet knows how to take care of all kind of animals,  especially dogs like Bubble Puppy.

Deema: What can I doggy-doooo for you?

Deema [To Goby]: You might wanna keep it down, some of these dogs are pretty into fetch.

[Dogs begin to bark]

Deema: Whoops! *giggles*

Nonny: I got... chicken poodle soup?.


Gil: Okay.

Gil: I wrote this get well card for you, because I know you're kinda sick. I hope the vet takes care of you, and you get better quick.

Molly, Deema, and Oona: Awww!

Gil: I miss you every single second you aren't here. I miss your cold wet nose, and the two spots on your ear. I miss giving you water, and that yucky food you eat. I miss throwing you Bubble Bites, your favourite doggie treat. I miss when we play squeaky bone, because it's your favourite toy, I miss you, Bubble Puppy, please, get better boy.

[Nonny hands Deema a tissue.]

Deema: *Blows Nose*

Mr. Grouper: That was really nice, Gil.

Gil: I just wish he were here. He'd go arf arf!

Bubble Puppy: Arf, Arf!

Dr. Martin: I got someone who's feeling a lot better!

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