• They are based on the evil step-sisters from Cinderella.
    • They refused to help their sister finish her job in time to got to the ball.
    • Both of the sister pairs are snobby and selfish.
  • They're names are both beach themed.
    • Dunehilda name comes from the word "dune" and the name "Brünnhilde". A dune is a pile of sand created by the wind blowing it around.
    • Maureen is possibly a mixture of the prefix "mar" and the name "Doreen". While Maureen is an actual name, the beginning of the name has the same sound as the "mar" prefix, which is usually associated with aquatic things. (Ex: Marine, marsh)
  • They made a cameo with Sandy towards the end of Good Hair Day!
  • Due to their close similarities in appearance and actions, they may be twins.
  • Dunehilda's voice actress, Nancy Giles, has stared in movies such as Big and Working Girl along with tv shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Law and Order. She is also a contributor of CBS News.
  • Mareen's voice actress, Candi Milo, has provided the voice for characters such as Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory (his second voice), Maya from Maya and Miguel, and Coco from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, as well as other various characters within the Bubble Guppies series.
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