King Crab: It looks like Nonny is going to go first.

Sir Mulligan steps in.

Sir Mulligan: Me first!

King Crab: Oh, well. It looks like Sir Mulligan is going to go first.

Deema: (gasp) Rude!

Nonny: dragons make me nervous

Molly: It's a pretty day after all.

Weather Weasel: Not for long!

Molly and Oona: The Evil Weasel Wizard of Weather!

Weather Weasel: You can call me the Weather Weasel.

Deema: Weezah, wuzzah?


Deema: Look, there´s a jewel!

Nonny: Uh oh, but I can´t get across

Deema: I know, it's a challenge, it´s challenging...

Deema,Goby,Oona(Controlling Knight Armor): Hello

Gil: Ahh!!(Swim & Run away)