• A version of this song, which was recently released on the Nick Jr. Video website for Halloween 2012, was sung by many Nick Jr. characters including:**Molly, Gil, Deema, Goby, and Mr. Grouper (Bubble Guppies)**Dora (Catlin Sanchez) and Diego (Dora the Explorer/Go, Diego Go!)**Milli, Geo, and Bot (Team Umizoomi)*Strangely, the vocal track for Molly is the exact same one for the song used in Haunted House Party. As always, Oona and Nonny are the only two that don't sing. 
  • This song is more than likely to be inspired by Michael Jackson's song "Thriller".
    • The style of the instrumental sounds similar, with it's synth noises, hand-claps and guitar.
    • Part of the dance from the "Thriller" music video is performed by the characters.
    • Deema has a rhyming section in the song similar to Vincent Price has in "Thriller"
    • In both songs, someone goes through a transformation: Deema turns into the Queen of the Night and Michael Jackson turns into a werewolf.
      • Poor ghost was the only one not mentioned at all.
  • Deema's rhyming section is also a bit similar to Rockwell's song, "Somebody's Watching Me".

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