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"Super, Super, Supermarket!"
Let's Shop!

"Super, Super, Supermarket" is the pop rock and hip hop song from the episode, "Bubble Bites!", and was also played in "Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!." It is sung by Molly.

Characters Singing


 First Verse - Molly and Oona: When the fridge at home is looking kind of bare...

Clam: What? What?

Molly and Oona: ...and there's no milk or bread or crumbs in there...

Clam: Come on! Come on!

Molly and Oona: We'll go where there's miles of aisles of supplies stacked high, it's the perfect place to go and buy, buy, buy!

Cereal made

Food for babies.png
from rice and corn, Some for babies who have just been born!

First Pre-Chorus: Something sweet, like honey in a bear! Maple syrup! Mmm, it's there!

Paper towels for cleaning up a mess!

Goby [speaks]: Need a tissue?

Molly [speaks]: Thanks, yes! (sings) Dairy, which comes from a cow!

Oona [speaks]: Yoghurt?

Molly [speaks]: Yum! (sings) I'd love some now!

Chorus - Molly: The big glass doors open wide!

All (excluding Nonny): Super, super, supermarket!

Molly: Get a blast of cold as you step inside!

All (excluding Nonny): Super, super, supermarket!

Get in a cart.png

Molly: Gonna get in our cart with our list, hey, hey!

All (excluding Nonny): Super, super, supermarket!

Molly: And when it's full, check out and pay!

Deema: Then bag it up, and we're on our way!

Second Verse - Molly: Bags of flour for making cakes! You'll need some if you like to bake!

Second Pre-Chorus: Toothpaste, medicine or shampoo! Pens and pencils, paper, too! Ice cream, waffles, frozen peas, pep

WE got fruits.png
peroni pizza and a deep cheese freeze! Food from the farm makes good cuisine! Veggies and fruits and lots of beans: black, red, yellow, and green!

Chorus-Molly: The big glass doors open wide!

All: Super, super, supermarket!

Deema: Check it out now!

Molly: Get a blast of cold as you step inside!

All: Super, super, supermarket!

Molly: Gonna get in a cart with a list, hey, hey!

All: Super, super, supermarket!

Molly: And when it's full, check out and pay!

Deema: Then bag it up and we're on our way!

Goby and Oona: Ooh, hey, hey!

Molly: Thanks for shoppin', hope you come back soon....!



Bubble Guppies Tunes 38 Super, Super, Supermarket

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