Gil: Hey, Molly, check it out!

Molly: ...What is it?

Gil: It's a comic book! 'The Super Adventures of Guppy Girl and Bubble Boy!'

(Gil points at the cover)

That's Bubble Boy, he's Guppy Girl's sidekick!

Molly: Her sidekick? What's that mean?

Nonny: A sidekick is someone who helps a superhero. Like a partner.

Molly: *Giggle* Neat!

Mr. Grouper: Oh, this is a good one! Bubble Boy and Guppy Girl have to stop Sid Fishy!

Deema: Sid wha-?

Gil: Sid Fishy! He's an evil villain.

Oona: What's a villain?

Nonny: A villain is a bad guy.

Deema: Oh boy.

Goby: Woah! Cool machine!

Deema: That's the... Super Shower of Power!

Gil: I got soup for lunch! What did you get, Oona?

Oona: I got a salad! What did you get, Nonny?

Nonny: I got... Super Salad!

Oona: I'm afraid the entire police department is stinky Mayor Molly.

Deema: I'll say! Uh, would you mind standing a little farther away, officer?

Nonny: ...Sorry.

Sid: Garbage, rotten eggs, stinky socks... all mixed together to make my famous stink sauce! Have you ever smelt anything so stinky?

Roughy: ...Just you, boss.

Molly: This is a job for....... Guppy Girl!

Guppy Girl: Great guppies!

Gil: Bub-bub Bubble Boy!

Molly: Gup-gup Guppy Girl!

Sid: Huh? Guppy Girl... Why aren't you moving?

Gil: Because that's NOT Guppy Girl!

Sid: What?!

Molly: Sorry Sid Fishy, you got the wrong girl! Now, Bubble Boy!

Gil: Super bubble!

Sid: What? Hey!

Roughy: We're trapped!

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