Super Shimp Celebration!

  • The term "Shrimptennial" is a reference to "centennial," an event occuring once every 100 years.
  • Deema sings the main song in this episode. Also, Molly sings the dance song.
    • This is also the first and only pop song Deema has sung so far along with Molly led the Dance song.
  • This is the only episode Oona makes the lunch joke, which remains Molly as the only guppy who hasn't made a lunch joke yet. (Horn on the cob)
  • Running Gag: Shrimp mistaking Gil for the Big Bubble Building and tickling him.
  • Gil is revealed to be ticklish, in the second sketch when the lobsters go up his shirt.
  • This Episode is supposed to teach the young viewers about how to behave in a city/town and teaches them about a city.
  • As you can see that Oona and Nonny are holding hands together.
  • The bubble guppies see some buildings and skyscrapers, even eating a pretzel.
  • As you can see that in the photo of Gil is so funny about the pigeon.
  • In the main song, Goby and Oona do the Macarena (a dance from 1993).
  • Nonny rides a bicycle bigger than it should.
  • The shrimp group's song about Shrimptennial is in style of the Nightmare Before Christmas song "This is Halloween," except that the music is city style.
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