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"Swimtastic Check-Up!"
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Season: Season 3
Episode Number: 18
Airing Information
Air Date: September 25th, 2014
Written by: Jonny Belt
Randy Eisenberg
Robert Scull
Main Character: Molly, Oona and The Mayor
"Bubble Scrubbies!"
"Gobble Gobble Guppies!"

Swimtastic Check-Up! is the 18th episode of Season 3.

Characters Featured

Plot and Synopsis

The guppies learn about their organs. The Mayor gets a tummy ache while training for Bubbletucky's annual marathon and has to go to the hospital to get checked out.

Segments and Songs


Molly tried to say, "It’s time for Bubble Guppies!", Gil interrupts as he breathes in and out, and then, he checks his heartbeat, but, when he checks his tummy, nothing seems to happen. But, when he checks on Molly’s tummy, it growls.

Then it cuts to the park where Molly and Oona run with the Mayor until she feels a bit of stomach pain, however the overprotectice Lobster Body Guard called the hospital to check her organ health.

When Molly and Oona went to the school, Oona was really sad when she told Mr. Grouper that the Mayor had to go to the hospital for a stomachache. Soon it's time for the trivia segment, Mr. Grouper introduces the audience to the main organs of the human body, then the pop song plays after the trivia segment.

Afterwards, Deema hosts the game show "Let's Get Organ-ized", with Oona as the contestant, they introduce the main organs (stomach, heart and lungs). Oona wins the grand prize: a silver stethoscope. In the lunch segment with Nonny, Oona and Goby, Nonny brings up the peanut butter and belly sandwich joke. Then we see Gil running through a treadmill, but he starts running too fast, that the treadmill blows him away. And then we cut to the cardboard play, Goby plays as the heart, Nonny and Gil play as the lungs, and Oona plays as the stomach, but sadly it reminds her of the Mayor at hospital and she is really sad to explain the organ. But Mr. Grouper tells Oona that he thinks the Mayor is doing just fine, and he informs that doctors are really good at taking care of people. But Oona said that the Mayor really wanted to run in the marathon today. Molly tells her that maybe she'll feel better soon, and *then* she can run. Oona hopes so.

Outside for storytime, Deema and Goby imagine that they are doctors in the shrinking Star Wars-esque automobile and Nonny is feeling sick with a stomach bug, as Mr. Grouper as the doctor shrinks the two in the automobile in a cup and water and Nonny swallows the two, they went all way the way into the esophagus noticing many good bugs running away as Mr Groupers introduces that they help digest the food in the stomach. When they got there to the stomach, they see a large sized bacterium called the Stomach Bug and he stares at them, angrily growls and the two proceed to the lungs, the Stomach Bug chases after them and into the heart, again. And when they got to the mouth, they shrunk the Stomach Bug into the size of all the other good bugs, Deema scolds him saying that he is making Nonny sick, but the Stomach bug realizes and cries saying he is sorry for making the poor boy sick and wished he would help maintain his stomach. The two offers that he can help break Nonny's food down and join the good bugs, he then agreed, Nonny felt better and that was the end.

We than cut to the "Organ Dance", with Gil, Oona and Goby, and after we see Gil blowing up some balloons, but he exhales too hard and blows up a balloon that it popped and scared Gil. Next, Oona tells Molly that the Guppies are going to visit the Mayor at the hospital, and soon we cut to the hospital field trip. The Mayor went for a hospital marathon, the diagnose has that all the stomach, heart and lungs are perfectly normal and it was just a little pain. Oona comes out as a doctor, and she asks the Mayor how she's feeling. The Mayor tells Oona that she's feeling better, but she feels disappointed. Oona asks the Mayor what's the matter. The Mayor is glad she's feeling better, but she's disappointed that she didn't even get to run in the marathon today. But Oona says that she can run a marathon right at the hospital, and Deema calls it a "mayor-thon"! The Guppies did a few tests for the Mayor to make sure her organs are healthy. They tested her stomach, heart, and lungs. When the Mayor gets the green light for each test, she passes! And sure enough she does! And the Mayor wins the "Mayor-thon"! But just then, Nonny's stomach rumbles, and he says "Excuse me". The Guppies, Mr. Grouper and the Mayor all start laughing.

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