The Brushing Dance
Brush those teeth
Brush those teeth!

"The Brushing Dance" is the Dance Song from the episode: Tooth on the Looth! It is sung by Deema.

Deema teaches the views a dance about brush their teeth.

Characters Appearing


Deema[Speaking]: Come everybody, it's time to dance!

Get up and dance with us! Come on! Get ready to brush your teeth with us!

[Singing]: We're gonna keep our teeth nice and clean

And have the nicest smile you've ever seen!

[Speaking]:Are you ready to brush with us? When I say "go" we're gonna brush-n-brush-n-brush. and Brush-n-brush-n-brush.

Are you ready? Here we go!

[Singing]:We're gonna brush our teeth, up and down, side to side and all around. (X2)

You've got bright white teeth so take care of them!

Brush in the mornin'and the night, then again and again!

Put some toothpaste on, your favourite brush,

Be sure take your time,

Don't EVER rush!

We're gonna brush our teeth, up and down, side to side and all around. (X2)


Bubble guppies tunes 54 brush those teeth(Hebrew)

Bubble guppies tunes 54 brush those teeth(Hebrew)

Hebrew Version

Bubble Guppies denti ballo italano

Bubble Guppies denti ballo italano

Italian Version

Bubble Guppies UK Brush and Brush

Bubble Guppies UK Brush and Brush

British Version

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