Molly: Excuse me, are you a princess?

Demanda: Eh, pretty much.

Queen: That’s enough crown tossing for now, Demanda. It’s time to practice your manners.

(Demanda is on her phone, and does not respond)

Queen: …Demanda?

(Demanda still doesn’t reply)

Queen: Put your phone down, please.

Demanda: Ugh, whatever! I’ll do manners later! I want to try on pretty dresses!

Molly: …That wasn’t very polite.

Deema: Hey, you!

(Nonny looks around uncertainly)

Deema: Wanna play a game?

Nonny: …Ok?

Deema: Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Deema: Thank you for having such good manners!

Nonny: You’re welcome.

Deema: Saying ‘You’re welcome’ is very good manners! Bonus points!

Nonny: I got… Uni-corn chips?

Molly: Good luck, Demanda!

Demanda: Heh, whatever! I don’t need luck!

Oona: Demanda isn’t being very polite…