Quotes from The Grumpfish Special!

"Flip it up" "Flip it down" "Flip it on a pancake stack"

Gil: "He'll have the special."

Deema: "The HUH?!"

Goby: "What special?"

Gil: "I don't know. I just made it up."

Molly: "What are you doing?"

Gil: "I'm waiting!"

Oona: "What are you waiting for? Our restaurant is open!"

Gil: "Fast food."

Gil: Hi. My name is waiter, and I'll be your Gil this evening.

Mr. Grumpfish What?

Rotten Tomato: I'll get you, Super Waiter!

Nonny: Look out, Super Waiter! Rotten Tomato is about to use his pickle power!

Gil: Nonsense, Busboy. I -

(Rotten Tomato uses his pickle power and Gil is turned into a pickle.)

Gil: Uh-oh!

Mr. Grumpfish: Hmm, table for one.

Deema and Oona: Mr. Grumpfish!

Deema: Who's Mr. Grumpfish?

Food Crab 1: He's our grumpiest customer.

Food Crab 2: He never likes anything.

Mr. Grumpfish: I want pancakes.

Oona: And he never says please!

Deema: Rude!

Deema: [in an dreamy tone] Pancakes...

Rotten Tomato: I'll get you next time Bus Boy!

NonnyNot if you can ketchup!

Mr. Grumpfish:  "What are you looking at"?

Little Fish: (Scream) Ahh (Swim away)