The Legend of Pinkfoot

  • During the lunch segment, Nonny starts laughing at his lunch joke (a sleeping bag of chips) before Goby and Oona laugh.
  • Gil sings the dance song, not Goby or Deema.
  • When Deema comes into the classroom, she sits in Oona's normal spot, and Oona is shown sitting in Deema's normal spot. It is unknown why they have switched spots.
  • Deema was the Guppy who started the episode and learned that basis of camping and the Legend of Pinkfoot, but Goby already seems to know the story and be the main character. Ordinarily, the Guppy who starts the episode off is the one who leads the adventure.
  • As the Crab Scouts exit the bush toward the end of the episode, the scoutmaster says "Hi, everybody!" much like Dr. Nick from The Simpsons.
  • This is the first of very few episodes that doesn't end with an exclamation mark.
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