• Before the Bubble Guppies line up to go outside, Gil is wearing a rhino's horn's hat. When the Bubble Guppies are lined up, his hat is gone.
  • This is the third episode in a row that:
    • Deema runs the shop segment
      Th lonley rhino 1
    • Nonny makes the lunch joke (Macarhino and Cheese)
    • Molly and Oona get the storybook segment
  • The dance song has the same tune as "We're Gonna Dig Deep Down."
  • The music heard when the guppies are finding a friend for Monty has a similar tune to "Mr. Tree" from Boy Meets Squirrel.
  • This is the first episode that technically doesn't start off with the lead guppies on their way to school. Gil and Molly were playing frisbee with Bubble Puppy before they met Monty at the zoo.
  • In the song segment, the gorilla makes a peace sign with his fingers. After doing it once, the animators reused the gorilla character popping up in various places, even and sideways, "trolling" the audience in a disruptive sort of way. The gorilla was used 4 times.
  • When Deema opens the door for Oona's Gorilla to take a nap, there are no doors where the entrance to the desert and jungle are, but when the camera closes in to where the entrance to jungle i
    The zoo
    s, a door appears out of nowhere, it also happens when Nonny's penguin needs to take a bath.
  • At first when Deema is at her desk in a hotel, there is a laptop next to a name bar, but then when Deema comes back to her desk for Nonny and his penguin, the laptop is now gone.
  • The zebra makes his first appearance in the storybook segment, where he is given his trademark sunglasses.
  • In this episode, Gil has many points where his point where his voice deepens unusually low, probably because his voice actor was aging.
  • Nonny smiles when he goes down the slide before the dance song. He resumes his normal look the second he gets off.
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