Molly: We just saw everybody in the neighborhood.

Gil: Yeah and-

(A clattering sound is heard)

Goby: What’s that noise?

Nonny: …It sounds like a shopping cart.

Stan [in distance]: Stop that caaaart!

Molly and Gil: Uh oh.

Nonny: I got… Street loaf?

Gil [to Mr. Grouper]: Welcome to the neighborhood! Here’s a pineapple.

Mr. Grouper: Oh, thank you!

Deema: And here’s the bank!

Goby: Welcome to the neighborhood, sir. Here, take some money!

Mr. Grouper: Heh, thank you very much!

Deema: Welcome to Goldilocks realty! I help people find homes in this fairy-tale neighborhood!

Oona: Can you help me find a home? I’d like one with a swing.

Deema: Of course I can! I’ll find you one that’s just right!

Jimmie: Your super cool new doghouse comes complete with a ladder, an umbrella and a slide! But that’s not all, Bubble Puppy! Stan?

Stan: Bubble Puppy, I’ve added a very special surprise for you!

Molly and Gil: A shopping cart!