• Deema's segment is based on the commonly told knock-knock joke, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
    • ​Also in this segment, the Super Mario Bros. coin sound effect can be heard when Nonny and the chicken are looking both ways before they cross the street.
    • This is the second video game inspired Deema segment. The first was Deema's "Castle of Jewels Chalenge" in the episode Sir Nonny the Nice!
  • Oona and Gil star as Tricera-Cops in the story segment again. The first time was in the episode Can You Dig It?
    • The sneaker-wearing dinosaur from the story segment might be partly inspired by Barney the Dinosaur: they are both purple Tyrannosauruses with deep dopey-sounding voices.
  • Parts of the score that plays during the competion sounds similar to The A-Team theme and may possibly be homage to it.
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