The Running of the Bullfrogs!

  • In a interview, Jonny Belt and Robert Scull revealed the concept of this episode before the thrid season was aired.
  • A clip of the introduction was included in an official compilation video called "Silly Gilly" and was released in September of 2014, before the episode aired.
  • The episode is a reference to the real life event in Spain called The Running of the Bulls.
  • Bubble Kitty! was originally set to premiere January 27th, 2015 but for unknown reasons, this episode replaced it.
  • Gil and Goby are the main characters of this episode for the first time in season 3
  • In the story segment, Nonny is wearing the same jacket he wore in The Puppy And The Ring
  • Deema and Nonny have the story segment
  • The story segment is a parody of the story of Frankenstein
  • Oona and Deema star in the shop segment
  • Gil has the pop song with Molly on vocals and Oona speaking
  • Deema stars in the Pop Dance with Oona and Goby on backup
  • The fruit fly from Boy Meets Squirrel! appears in the story segment.
  • When Goby and Gil were taking Fernando home, the streets that they had to go through we're looking kind of like the streets in Spain.
  • The last episode until The Glitter Games! where Tino Insana will voice Mr Grouper.
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