• This is the second time that Deema and Oona have dressed up as space aliens. The first time was during the storybook segment in the episode The Moon Rocks!
    King Goby - Super Ballet Bowl Pop Song
  • This is the third time the Guppies have focused on sports.
  • In the field trip segment, Goby and Nonny were wearing their knight costumes from Sir Nonny The Nice!
  • In the second Molly and Gil segment where they discuss how ballet partners catch each other, Molly and Gil say the word "sometimes" a total of five times. 
  • Gil and Molly play the prince and princess at the ballet bowl.
  • Molly's tutu is white. She definitely felt like a bride at a wedding.
  • The episode is named after the football championships, The Super Bowl. However the episode's theme is ballet.
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