Bubble Guppies Wiki


Mr. Grouper [Narrating]: The explorers warned their puppy not to touch anything! But sometimes puppies can't help themselves. Especially when the treasure looks like... A squeaky bone! But this was no ordinary squeaky bone. It was a magical bone that would make any puppy who touched it disappear.

Gil: Bubble Puppy?

Deema: Good morning passengers, this is your captain speaking! And I'd like to thank you for flying 'Whoopsy Daisy' Airlines!

Molly: Did she say whoopsy daisy?

(Plane falls out of the sky)

Deema: Whoopsy daisy! I think Japan might actually be that way...

Gil: What's an archaeologist?

Nonny: An arch-

Goby: An archaeologist is a person who learns about people and places from a long time ago by finding ancient things!

Nonny: ...Exactly.

Deema: Chamber-y!

Gil: I don't even know what a yeti is!

Deema: I can't look!

Oona: Hi!

Deema: It sounds ferocious!

Nonny: That's called a volcano. It's nothing to worry about.

Deema: Well that's a relief!

Nonny: ...Unless it erupts.

Goby: Erupts?

Oona: What does that mean?

Nonny: That's when it explodes and tons of hot lava comes out.