• Remember in October when they took a poll where you got to choose your favorite story sketch with Molly in it?  I decided to do something nice and see for myself around the clock, every day.  I know that your answers will vary, depending on what you perfer.  That's OK.  What's important is that you're smart about your choice.

    Tell me your favorite story sketch with Molly in it.  Note: Answers will vary.

    1. The Princess and the Graham Cracker Fortress

    2. The Cowhands and the Marching Bandit

    3. Super Waiter and Busboy vs. Rotten Tomato

    4. The 3 Lasses and the Rock Ness Lobster

    5. The Bear Who Wanted to Go To The Moon

    6. The Spooky Shadow

    7. The Pirate Road Trip

    8. The Marshmallow Patrol and the Abominable Snowman

    9. The Animal Devilery People

    10. Firefighter Knights

    11. The Swamp Dentists

    Post your reply when you get the chance.

    Before I go, I want to tell you that MY favorite story sketch with Molly in it is "The Swamp Dentists."  That's because it's one of the best stories I've ever heard!

    If you want, you can tell me a few reasons why you like the story that you chose.  If you do, I'll be able to know more about you.

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    • Animal Devilery people!!!

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    • the spooky shadow

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    • my favorite is the marshmellow patrol and the abominable snowman

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    • I like the Moon Scouts and the Moon Bear one from Legend of Pinkfoot. The reason I think that's a good Molly story sketch is because Molly was trying to comfort Oona and Gil by saying that the animal sounds they heard wasn't the moon bear. In that same sketch after they've given the moon bear a flashlight, she sweetly said "Would you like to camp out with us tonight, moon bear?"

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